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Link Building, Link Popularity, Inbound Links, and Backlinks next to content are the most important Search Engine Optimization process, fundamental in achieving great Internet Page Rankings! Link Building is a process of obtaining: "Inbound Links", "Backlinks", or "Reciprocal Links" to your website. These are URL's (which stand for Uniform Resource Locators) and can also be thought of as an address because it is unique in name and to a particular location. URL's contain Domain Names within them, these lead to the location or address of websites published on the internet.

URL Inbound Links and Backlinks are one in the same, just using different terminology. These are URL's of a website which are on another website. Having these Inbound Links or Backlinks (whichever you prefer) that are your URL is to your advantage and the whole goal of the Link Building process. What these links do is lend creditability (so to speck) and show importance of your URL to the Search Engines and the public, because another website owner found some value and relevance in the content of your website, so much so, that they placed a link to your URL on their website. I must point out that URL's can be placed by a websites owners and webmasters on other websites such as blogs, classified ads, and social media websites. These are some of other methods that can and should be used in Link Building.

Now lets talk about "Reciprocal Links". Inbound Links and Backlinks can be part of a Reciprocal Link because a Reciprocal Link is just two URL's that have each others link. One is linking to the other and vise versa.

As we pointed out above, Link Building plays a major roll in Page Rank. Page Rank is the importance placed on web pages by Search Engines which is calculated using various secret formulas, based on the choosen criteria of the people that built and run them. One of the elements in these formulas used to determine Page Rank along with content and keywords is Link Popularity which is measured by the quality and quantity of Inbound Links to your web pages. This is very crucial in Search Engine Optimization and why every website should have an on going Link Building Process.

In Link Building it is very important not to just put links everywhere just because the opportunity is there. Some of the key do's and don't elements in the Link Building process are:

  • Link Building takes a lot of time. It also requires a routine and a consistent effort to achieve results. Setting a goal of trying to Build just a couple of new Links a week would be a good idea, along with links you should be creating on Blogs, Forums, and by Social Media Networking.

  • A one way link to your website is better than a Reciprocal Link. This is because it isn't so much like a trade off of links however they are still fine and a must.

  • Avoid Link Farms! Link Farms are websites that may be free or cost to have your URL placed on multiple websites. These Link Farms are used to artificially boost link popularity. They have no value, and don't use them because they can actually get your website penalized in the Page Rankings for using them.

  • You should link to websites that have relevant content to your website, avoid ones that don't. The quality and quantity of your Backlinks is what determines how well your web pages will rank; when it comes to Link Building.

  • Build Backlinks to all of your web pages, by commenting on blogs, forums and social media sites. Not just your home page. You want all of your web pages to optain great Page Rankings.

  • Always try to obtain links from web pages with high Google Page Rank at least a Page Rank of 1. These are the links that really boost your Page Rank. Just because it the web page isn't ranked don't let that stop you from pursuing a link as long a the website has has good relevant content. If you don't have the Google Toolbar that show Page Rank you should download it, its free.

  • Beware of link request from others. A lot of them will actually have link pages that aren't even connected to there main webpages and well probably never get crawled by any search engine, ever. So don't give them your useful link which will only serve to benefit them. Look hard at web pages you are considering linking to. Ask yourself what value do they have.

  • Checkout who your industry competitors have links with. This is a great way to find Link Building sources.

IBP Internet Business Promoter is a great tool for Link Building as well as Search Engine Optimization. This software actually finds other websites with relevant content. Helps in emailing potential link partners; as it has an emailing system build into it. It also organizes all your Reciprocal Links that you create with others and will upload them to your website. It's a must have for the Link Building Process.

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